Saturday, 22 December 2012

what's new, American pussycat?

It's just 3 days until Christmas - I hope you are all ready, and wrapped, and everything is under the tree waiting for the big day.

We go to my mother in law's for Christmas day - which makes it nice and easy. I need to cook a couple of things to take, one of them being leek and butter bean gratin (recipe here). It's all kinds of unfair, because I can't eat it (being allergic to dairy) and it was my favourite vegetable side dish. *sigh*

Pink Castle fabrics will cheer me up with a coupon code. BUNDLE25 gets you 25% off all bundles this week only. Brenda made up a heap more of my Cherry Limeade bundle, you should get that. It's awesome. I said so, and therefore that must be true, right? (I am NEVER wrong, my opinion is like the gospel. Kinda. Or maybe not. Ok. Not at all...but my bundle is super cute. Pinky swear.)

There's all kinds of new stuff in too;

Cleo from Dear Stella (there are bundles of this still in stock too)

Pearl Bracelets


Cotorienne by Yuwa

Possibly the most exciting news to come from Pink Castle fabrics this week is Camp Stitchalot in May 2013. You're getting an early heads up - registration isn't open yet, and the page isn't completely finished but I can't keep it in any more.
Me, Rae (as in Made by Rae), Melody Miller AND Rashida Coleman Hale are going to be camp counsellers. It's going to be amazing. Read up on what's happening on the Camp page, and stay tuned for updates soon!

Fat Quarter Shop  only have a couple of days left on their Count Down To Christmas daily deals. Don't miss out on these, you can grab some absolute winners on these daily deals, but you need to make sure you check in every day (or follow me on twitter and I'll be tweeting it at some point - I'm @ImAGingerMonkey on twitter)

You also need to check out the sale section for crazy bargains.

New in this week are some fun Super Hero fabrics from Robert Kaufman.

Get a Clue with Nancy Drew (I can't decide if this line is all kinds of amazing, or all kinds of wrong - I'm veering towards amazing though, it's NANCY DREW!!!)

There are also new Art Gallery Fabrics pure elements colours in, which are really gorgeous solids to work with (in case you haven't tried them before). Very soft, beautiful colours and a higher thread count than most regular quilting cottons.

There's still a few (but only a few) places left on Lola Pink Fabrics' block of the month . I really love the pattern for this quilt and the fabrics, it looks amazing and it's sure to be a lot of fun.

The ladies have a heap of new stuff in stock too. Architextures, cosmos, salt water, les amis,

Sew me a song has had a big old delivery of pearl bracelets.

And some new fun text prints from Timeless treasures, like this one called Mode Rouge

and this one

And this cute little baking themed print, which would make really great aprons, with a fun polka dot trim.

Sew Fresh Fabrics is the kind of store that you could browse in for a long, long time. And you should. Because you'll find good stuff if you do. Just look at the great selection of fabrics on their front page...

Prints like ric rac rabbits from Creative Thrusday. You could easily have missed that and there's a lot of cute stuff in that line.
Hello Pilgrim - I know we've got pearl bracelets and constellations out now from Lizzy, but Hello Pilgrim is such a great line, and some of those prints should stay in print forever and ever. Colour wise, I think Hello Pilgrim was Lizzy's best ever. I'm tempted to say I love it best of all out of everything she has ever done, I'm really tempted...but I'm not sure I can say that. I do think leaves and berries is my favourite ever Lizzy print though. Weird choice? Maybe, but it's a really gorgeous print with quite a lot going on and it's easy to use. Some of Lizzy's fabrics are amazing but trickier to use for anyone or any age (I'm thinking about the animals or the people, in general). This print is timeless and suitable for all. It works as pillowcases, clothing, bags, quilts, quilt backs, cut up super small, left super big, any way up; it's just one of those perfect fabrics.

On the pic up above there's that great grey chevron by Riley Blake. We all know that print, right? But put chevron in the shop search, and you get some amazing chevrons that I bet you've never seen before.

Such as this one.... 

Cool, huh? It comes in orange too. And this amazing multi coloured version, which reminds me of Missoni knitwear. It's part of the Primitiva line from Andover. 

So, there you go. Go on a hunt; grab a coffee, spend a few minutes mindlessly browsing and see if you find anything fun that you missed before. I bet you will. I spend a LOT of time searching through the same shops each week for What's New, and every week I find something I've missed before - like the prints above. Never spotted them before at all!
I love doing these posts for that reason alone. I love fabric, I love shopping, I love to get packages in the mail and then try and squeeze them into my over-full fabric closet - but I really love finding stuff that is a little outside my regular comfort zone, or not quite within my little circle. Those surprises (like the other week when I found Gabbie with that amazing letter press print or those crazy good text prints from Love Notes), they make it extra extra fun.


nursiedawn said...

Can't you make the recipe using dairy free ingredients?
All the fabrics are gorgeous. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year xx

Maria Wallin said...

I was just going to suggest what nursiedawn said, why not make it with dairy free stuff?

Loving the bundle you made! Such a fun clor scheme!

Hope you have a lovely Christmas and wishing you all the best for the new year, you and your blog are amazing! <3

Danielle said...

I say this every time, you are SUCH an enabler, I don't know how you sleep at night :-/

Nicky said...

As usual you serve up a delicious dish! Have my eye on Cleo - those leaves, Constellation and Cotorienne but am not supposed to be buying fabric at the moment! It's tough!

Elsa said...

Sound like a yummy dish ~ love butter beans. Just found out I'm dairy intolerant ~ so it's out for me too.
Especially like the text fabric ~ but I'm on a NO MORE FABRIC buying diet (at least till the end of the year ~ teehee). Still love to gaze lovingly at it tho.
Happy Christmas to you and yours!

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